The Need

Every day, children are going hungry… even in Bellevue.

Here are the facts about the need in Bellevue:

Click to read a thank you note from a student receiving food.

Click to read a thank you note from a student receiving food.

  • Close to 250 students are known to be homeless
  • Over 3,500 students from low-income families qualify for free or reduced priced meals, including
    *57% of students at Lake Hills Elementary
    *44% of students at Highland Middle School
    *38% of students at Sammamish High School

For too many children in the Bellevue Public Schools, the only meals they eat are at school.  On the weekends, they go hungry.

Backpack Meals is working to fill that gap.


You can make a real difference

Here are some of the notes left by students who have received backpacks:

  •    “Thank you so much for giving us food so we don’t stay hungry. You guys are amazing and so kind.”
  •    “Thank you for donating food for us. I feel happy and appreciate what you do for my family.”
  •    “Thanx a lot. It tastes grat! I love it so much. Your very nise. So kind. Your the best!”

School staff  also wrote to share their positive assessment of BPM:

  •    From Highland Middle School:  “This program has greatly helped our students and families with sustenance, but also with connectedness. Students feel loved and appreciated when getting their food for the weekend.”
  •    From Tyee Middle School:  I love the Backpack Meals program for many reasons. The most obvious is knowing that the kids are going home with the  food they need for the weekend. They are so happy and it is wonderful to see. The program is also very easy for me and the kids to manage and maintain.”
  •    From Tillicum Middle School:  “We receive emails from parents who are so grateful for the food. You are a wonderful support to our school and we are so thankful.”