The Backpacks

Every week, volunteers fill backpacks with donated meals.

Backpacks are delivered to local high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools for students to pick up.  Low-income students receive the backpacks discreetly on Fridays to ensure their privacy.

Each backpack is filled with easy-to-fix meals.  A typical backpack contains:

IMG_41412 entrees (like mac ‘n’ cheese, tuna or chicken salad)

2 lunch items like peanut butter and crackers, ramen

2 breakfast items like cold cereal and oatmeal

Milk, juice, canned fruits

Snack items like protein bars, popcorn, raisins, trail mix, peanut butter packets, wheat crackers

Vegetarian packets are available for health or religious needs


“We love the soups.  If mom is working late and doesn’t have time to cook, we can cook the soups for dinner and eat together.  The kids LOVE ravioli and mac and cheese.  My sister cried when I ate the only ravioli in there.”- Bellevue high school student